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Massive fight between gang members breaks out at Calf Pasture Monday evening

an officer on patrol radioed to dispatch asking for backup at Calf Pasture saying up to 50 'kids' were fighting in the parking lot. That number of alleged offenders jumped to 100 later. the fights had been broken up but large groups of the youths were still mulling about. Six police units responded at the height of the incident.

The HOUR should be ashamed of the way this story was reported, especially the headline. When the single officer at the beach called for backup, he reported what he saw developing. There was a large group, not hundreds, but when you are one officer, dozens are a large group, some were gang members, wearing identifying colors. ( a distincitive hat ) There was no big fight, because of the police presence. It is a good guess that several officers stationed at the beach would have prevented the group from assembling. It is also a good guess that a reporter going to the scene would have written a more accurate story, and we would not have seen this frightening headline. The police know who they are and work mostly successfully to prevent gang violence. Crimes prevented seldom make news except when reporters intercept police radio messages and start writing without getting the full story. An update / correction would be "Anadrol 50" only fair, but I am not holding my breath.

After surveying several high school students, gangs have a very limited hold in Norwalk from these public school students' perspectives. The media took a comment and ran with it. The Hour, and the local radio stations need to own that they overreacted and never checked their facts! We were there and saw kids, a lot Dianabol Heartburn of kids, but no "huge" fight happened anywhere that day. Police were all over the beach too. So, let's encourage the Hour to stop exaggerating and stop reporting unchecked info as fact.

The Media "Anadrol 50" has blown this whole "gang" thing out of proportion. Yes, there are gangs in Norwalk, but whatever group of 100 kids seems exaggerated. We were there at the time: The FACT is the Norwalk Police had a significant presence at Calf Pasture and the whole thing was over in less than 20 min. We arrived at about 4:45 pm and saw nothing. At about 5:10 kids (mostly middle school and younger high school) were running around because drama was happening. At 5:20, we left and SAW NOTHING! The Police were on it. Families were all over the beach and we were all safe. We have an outstanding Police Dept and they were on top of the whole thing. We were walking all around the beach and felt safe the whole time. The media, including the Hour, needs to do a better job of reporting the actual facts and the amount of time in which this all happened was nothing.

I hate to say, but I got a season pass to Sherwood Island which costs $67, but you get into all CT parks. The Conservation officers are riding shotgun up and down that beach all day. If you so much as walk on the beach with an exposed beer can, you'll be in handcuffs in short order. There is ample parking even on holidays. I love what the City of Norwalk did to the beach with the tables and nice lighting, and they are to be commended for that. But I hate that the ball players park all along the beach when there's a ball game. They should be leaving those spaces for the beach goers and folks who just enjoy sitting in the car gazing at the beautiful sea. The players can park in the parking lot, Buy Kamagra they don't need to be right near the beach. And of course, try opening your mouth about that, see what happens. I hate giving up on Calf Pasture after all the work they did, but the situation is out of control, and you have the Chief of Police acting like "it's no big deal." Yes, it is. You are right. If what I as a normal citizen have to next time is say something to the kids myself I will. Deca Durabolin C'Est Quoi Because we're not doing them any good by ignoring the problem. If the police want to, that's on them.

sonorican I think it's time YOU PARENTS got off your rear ends and supervised your kids, instead of expecting the society at large including law enforcement to do your job for you. Rilling and Moccia are going to do NOTHING because the two of them are worried about their pensions, and not 'rocking the boat' until they get that Golden Parachute. Don't you remember when that gang banger was stabbed a couple of years ago, some cop wrote a letter to the "Buy Cheap Jintropin Online" editor saying the town was 'better off' the kid was dead (HE AS RIGHT!) and Rilling and Moccia held a news conference denouncing the cop and they conducted a witch hunt to find out who wrote the letter. Instead of going after the gang bangers. Real tough police department , huh?

its time for change. if our police chief cant do the job then it's time for The Mayor to find someone who will. the public should get out and rally at the Police Station and demand change. out with the old in with the new. but first we as parents should be the first to do something about this issue, pay attetion to what our children are into and do something about it. Us as parents should be in our childrens live at all times. ITS TIME TO CLEAN UP ALL OF NORWALK. So all you elected officials get off your rear end and walk the beat and make your precence known, don't just come out when you need votes come out NOW AND DO SOMETHING or you will be voted out next term. It's not reaching a place where it's creating positive opportunities for these kids. As many kids as were out there, don't assume the parents knew they were involved. Grab a handful, call their parents, and make sure they know they were causing a ruckus. Some won't care but a lot will.

Maybe the NPD ought to adopt some of the tactics that other big cities that have this sort of trouble have: The cops need to actually get out of their cars and walk the streets. There also ought to be stop and frisk in place given the fact that there seems to be an issue with gun violence in town now. When was the last time Norwalk had a gun buyback program, if ever? For too many years, this behavior was tolerated as long as it was contained on Woodward, Ely, South Main, etc. Time to get tough because it's not contained, and the folks who pay the freight for this town ought to be getting fed up and have a zero tolerance for this in their town.

Norwalk doesn't have "bloods and crips". They have MGs, west side, and I don't know what the uptown set calls themselves or the RC set and they are not all from South Norwalk. If adults (parents and police) are going to let kids bully them, this problem will never go away. I was at the beach and when I say kids, I mean kids. That's when the cops should walk over and remind them not to start any trouble.

Is it true there wasn't even one arrest made there? So let me get this straight: the first officer calls for backup just before 5pm and the fights are broken up at 5:30pm and in that 35 minutes or so they witnessed NO ONE committing an arrestable offense? Really? Seriously??Were there any police patrolling Calf Pasture at the time or were they called there for the fight? Exactly how did "hundreds" of gang members access the beach? With vehicles with stickers? Paying $20 per car? By foot or bike? DId no one at the gate notice dozens of kids in one color and dozens in another all converging on the beach?

Norwalk had a beautiful parade, Anavar E Espinhas and that's the way we repay vets., Including the men and women who paid the ultimate price for our freedom. Outlaw the gangs make it illegal and if there is an inckling that they are gang affilated Lock them up! How disgusting that on a beautiful weekend we can't safely enjoy the beach. Had it really gotten out of control innocent men women and children could have been killed! These gangs dont have lessons in gun safety. Foget the plate reader have an officer with a K9 and let him check every car just like at the border. That's what the beach needs a metal detctor and a good german Shepard. It's now way out of control parents cops citizens it's TIME to take Beställa Kamagra Billigt our city back. Before it's too late! Do we really want to be known as having the highest muder rate. They want to be in gangs join Boy Scouts, Girl Scouts or Rotc.

Reader Kano03 must live in Wilton, as for the fact, there definitely gangs and gang related gangs in Norwalk. Some are gangs and some are wannabes, but so what, a wannabe is worse than a gang because they feel they have to perform for the street, and that means acting worse than anyone else. Gang members are loser cowards, and a good show of police batons would end their presence at the beach or anywhere around town as the gangsta cowards will run up to Chestnut Street to hideout. And reader Sasloe is correct I hope the police act immediately. A question is who let the dogs out to get in the beach in the first place?

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